Centre for Social Work Innovation and Research (CSWIR)


In 2022 we are hosting a series of podcasts on our annual CSWIR themes of decolonisation and uncertainty. This is a set of innovative and authentic episodes tackling different social challenges encountered in our contemporary society. These episodes explore how contemporary issues are often difficult and require reflection, reflexivity and open communication in seeking for solutions. CSWIR uses the social work perspective and the principles of co-creation to construct better knowledge and better solutions in an age of uncertainty.

Episode 2 – Decolonisation: Honest Conversations about White Supremacy

The second episode deals with the topic of ‘using healing as a way of decolonising social work education’. Dr Henglien Lisa Chen (Co-Director, CSWIR) and Prof Kris Clarke (Professor of Social Work, University of Helsinki) engage in conversation regarding issues of race, ethnicity and healing in the context of decolonising social work education. 

Episode 2 – Using healing as a way of decolonising social work education

The first podcast is recorded in response to the APSW Knowledge and Evidence Event (KEE2) on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity last year. This podcast is titled “Decolonisation: Honest Conversations on Anti-Racist Practice” and features Gillian Ruch (Professor of Social Work, Department of Social Work and Social Care, School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex) and Victoria Forson (Family Court Advisor, Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services).